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14 today (A) take the one that is actually (B) faint [a] in trust, although [b] to enjoy quarrels over feedback. 2 (C) anyone has actually belief he may eat-all facts, nevertheless the person who happens to be (D) vulnerable consumes only veggie. 3 the person who eats is not to (elizabeth) regard with disregard the individual that don’t devour, together with the person who don’t consume is absolutely not to (F) judge the individual that takes, for Jesus possess (grams) accepted him or her. 4 (H) that are one to assess the [c] servant of another? To his or her own [d] master they accumulates or comes; so he will remain, when it comes to Lord has the capacity to produce him sit.

5 (I) A single person [e] standards one day over the other, another [f] beliefs everyday equivalent. Each individual needs to be (J) fully certain inside the personal attention. 6 The one who notices the afternoon, notices they for the Lord, and so the individual who takes, [g] will so with regard to the Lord, for this individual (K) provides as a consequence of Jesus; and so the a person who don’t consume, it is for the Lord which he don’t devour, and he brings courtesy God. 7 For not merely one of us (fifty) life for on his own, instead of one dies for himself; 8 for once we stay, all of us living for that Lord, or if most people pass away, you expire the Lord; as a result (meter) whether you are living or die, we are the Lord’s. 9 For accordingly (N) Christ expired and survived again, he might be (O) Lord all of the lifeless and also the live.

10 But for you, how come your evaluate the sibling or sis? Otherwise aswell, exactly why do an individual (P) respect your own sister or cousin with disregard? For (Q) we will all come ahead of the judgment seat of goodness. 11 because of it was authored:

“ (roentgen) when i are living, states the Lord , (S) for me every knee or back will bend , and each tongue will [h] render compliment to Lord .”

12 and so (T) each of us will give a merchant account of himself to God.

13 Therefore let’s not (U) evaluate one another nowadays, but rather [i] decide this: (V) not to ever add a hurdle or a stumbling-block in a brother’s or sister’s technique. 14 i understand and was sure [j] when you look at the Lord Jesus that (W) there’s nothing [k] unclean itself; but into one that (X) believes things is actually [l] unclean, to that person its [m] dirty. 15 For if caused by snacks the bro or relative is definitely harmed, you happen to be not any longer (Y) walking according to really love. (Z) Refuse To ruin using your number of meals see your face for whom Christ passed away. 16 consequently (AA) do not let understanding for yourself a very good thing be [n] talked of as bad; 17 towards kingdom of goodness (AB) is certainly not consuming and drinking, but righteousness and (AC) order and (offer) joy when you look at the Holy heart. 18 towards a person who (AE) serves Christ this way is definitely (AF) appropriate to Lord and approved by other people. 19 So then you (AG) follow stuff [o] which can make for calm and the (AH) increase of 1 another. 20 (AI) usually do not rip on the function of goodness with regard to dishes. (AJ) All things indeed are generally really clean, but (AK) simply wicked for any one who takes [p] and causes offence. 21 (AL) it’s great not to take in chicken and even to have alcohol, or even to do anything where the cousin or aunt stumbles. 22 The faith that you’ve, need [q] while your very own judgment of conviction before Lord. Content might an individual who (are) cannot condemn himself with what this individual accepts. 23 But (AN) the individual that fears is actually condemned if he or she consumes, because his dining is absolutely not from belief; and whatever just from trust is sin.